Item Description
  Thoracic Catheter
  Trocar Catheter
  Wound Draiange System
  Yanakaur Suction Set
  Abdominal Drain Kit
  Redon Drain Catheter

Thoracic Catheter

Suitable for post operative drainage after Cardio-Thoracic and Thoracic surgery

Distal end open with smooth large eyes to maximise the drainage from the chest without Trauma to the delicate lung tissues

Proximal end fitted with specially designed tappered tongue to provide excellent forcep grip and non-traumatic insertion

Tubes marked at 2cm from the last eye to ascertain the depth of placement

One loose connector provided to facilitate the immediate connection of catheter with the drainage set

Manufactured from Non-toxic Medical Grade PVC with Radio Opaque Line throughout its length

Sterile, non-toxic & pyrogen free

Sizes available (FG): 12,14,16,20,24,28,32,36,40

Thoracic Catheter

Trocar Catheter

Trocar Catheter

Specially designed for quick non operative plueral and chest drainage for the relief of chest conditions such as tensions pneumothorax

Catheter manufactured from medical grade PVC is snuggly fitted over the trocar

Blunt smooth tip

Flat handle facilitates easy maneuverability

Large smooth drainage eyes for efficient drainage

Markings provided at 5, 10 ,15 & 20 cm from the distal tip help ascertain depth of penetration

Proximal end is fitted with tapered connector for easy connection to drainage bottle

Individually double packed in peelable pouch.

Wound Draiange System

Close wound suction unit

Designed for close wound drainage under low / negative pressure post operatively with the option to use one catheter simultaneously

Redon drain (Perforated) catheter is provided with radio opaque line and smooth eye

Easy to use by one person simply open the side port depress the chamber and re-close the side port to activate the suction of bellow unit

Available in different size with matching size curved needle to meet to moderate to heavy drainage needs:
Unit consists of: 1. Bellow unit with connectors
2. Connecting tube with clamp and ‘Y’ connector
3. Curved needle with matching catheter
4. Spare redon drain (perforated) catheter

Sterile, non-toxic and pyrogen-free
Available Sizes: Adult 800ml (Code: SR-03A)
Adult 400ml (Code: SR-03B)
Mini Vac Set - Paediatric (Code: SR-04)

Oxygen Mask with Tubing

Wound Draiange System

Yanakaur Suction Set

Yankaur Suction Set is suitable for convenient removal of secretion, blood and debris etc per operatively

Complete set is provided with Yankaur Suction Tip mounted on two meter long ribbed tube provided with Universal connector at both ends

Complete set with other type of Suction tips available on request

Universal connectors are moulded from soft PVC, so as to accommodate the Suction tip on one end and most type of connectors of Suction Apparatus at the other end

Ribbed tube is kink resistant and has the strength to withstand the suction.

Abdominal Drain Kit

Soft & smooth catheter with large atraumatic eyes for efficient drainage

Radio- opaque line on catheters

Specially designed handle holds tube up right and facilitates carrying

Individually packed

Disposable, Sterile Ready for use

Unit Consists: Soft drainage catheter 45 cm long Collection bag of 2000ml.,Capacity
    Sizes: Fg:16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 & 40

Yanakaur Suction Set

Abdominal Drain Kit

Redon Drain Catheter

Soft, frosted and kink resistant PVC tubing

Markings on the tube at 19 cms from the distal tip

Provided with radio-opaque line and smooth eyes

Cross perforated length of tube : 14 cms, Length : 50 cms

Sizes : FG 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

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