Item Description
  Peritoneal Dialysis Set
  Blood Line of Haemodialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis Set

Manufactured from Non-Toxic & Non-Irritant PVC

Extra soft kink-resistant frosted tubing

Specially designed ‘Y’ shape transfusion set for administering dialysis solutions

Provided with two upper control clamps to facilitate the alternative change of solution bottles

Two lower control clamps help easy input and drainage of solution

Proximal end is provided with suitable adapter for easy connection to catheter unit

Sterile Pack - ETO (Ethylene Oxide) Sterilization validate according to Harmonized Standards

Peritoneal Dialysis Set

Blood Line of Haemodialysis

Blood Line of Haemodialysis

Blood tubing set has been specially designed for the patient to connect external system which extracts patient’s blood to the dialyzer and then returns patient’s blood from the dialyzer.

Consists of 2 parts - Arterial and Venous Line - use during dialysis and attached fistula and dialyzer.

Unique chambers reduce foaming, increase air removal and does not trap EPO (Erythropoietin]compliant material of transducer protectors. This helps in ensuring secure machine fit and less incidence of wet out.

Colour coded ergonomic clamps and dialyzer connectors with tethered caps that seal tightly for disposal.

Kink resistant tubing handles easily and ensures fast priming

EO Sterile, Non - Toxic and Pyrogen Free

Options : Blood Tubing with Transducer also available.
Also available in any configuration as per customer’s configuration for
Various dialysis machines. Please send your drawing.

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